This is how it works

This is how it works: 


The year is divided into two six month periods (beginning January 2020) You sign up for the full (6) six months which assures you of two Videos per month for that time.

This is payable monthly ($30) or, if you pay the full amount ($150) for the whole period up front you get the last month free.  At the end of the six months you can renew your subscription or not as you wish. On the first payment you will receive login credentials. We monitor membership subscription and will update you should your account be coming up for renewal. (If the monthly payment is not made you will forfeit the Videos for that month.) Videos already paid for will still be accessible with your login credentials.

No Subscription:

Here there are again two options. A Pay Per Post method (unfortunately not ready just yet) which allows you to pay per individual video ($30 each) where you are free to buy each course as you see fit or, the 6 Months No Subscription which unlocks all the videos from January through to June.

All of 2020 which unlocks all 24 videos ($360). This can be added to a 2020 subscription or non-subscription member should you have found us a bit late.

There will be a forum provided where you can give an opinion on the material or engage in a short discussion with other members. Such discussions will be monitored as strong language/verbal abuse is not part of our policy.

The lectures offered will vary in content and subject to provide as much information as possible, and a list of titles is provided at the beginning of each session. Each video will last between 30 and 45 minutes. Some subjects will be marked Parts One and Two to keep the information together. If you have an interest in a subject let us know. If there is a lecture on that subject available, it can be included in the next session. (If the interest is strong Dolores will consider writing one specially)

All lectures are written and presented by Dolores herself and are part of her work from 1975 to the present day. The sum of 50 years experience as a student, initiate, author and teacher of the Ancient Mysteries. However she has always maintained a teachers work is to inform and share, not to lay down information as something to be followed slavishly. She expects students to form their own opinion and  expand on what she gives them.

Her hope is that these lectures can be seen and experienced as fireside chats between friends exploring subjects of interest to both parties. Those who know her remember her style as being warm, friendly, filled with anecdotes,  stories and a fun side. Learning should be enjoyable, not a chore. That is the reason why these videos are not slick and polished, they are meant to be intimate and enjoyable.

Should you have any queries or issues with above information please send us a message on our Contact  page