Subscriptions are now open!


Way back at the beginning of last year I asked if anyone would be interested in videos of my lectures over the past 40 odd years. The response was amazing, so much so that I began to set up the idea of a subscription club. Little did l know how much work that would entail. Luckily I had someone who knew how to do it, and who was as enthusiastic as I was. So with Zebastian on board we set about making the dream come true. is now a registered business here in Jersey and the first two videos due to go out in January have been recorded and are ready to go. All we need now is for you to decide if you want to pay monthly or take up the offer of paying for the whole 6 months and in return getting one month free.

So January 1st  will see the first two videos go out  (The Gods Within. and Woman and the Grail)

February’s titles will be : Spellcraft Ancient and Modern (One of the oldest types of magic. Downside is, love spells seldom work) and  What exactly IS Magic, (..and does it really work?)

I have also had suggestions for future lectures, including Alexandria, Atlantis, and The Four Holy Creatures. These I already have and will certainly record them in the future.

I would like to say here and now that none of this would have been possible without the knowledge, skill, and patience of Zebastian Larsson. He has willingly given up his own time to help Solar-Light come into being at a time when he had a lot of other claims on his time and skill.

So. The subscription form is now available on the website, we are ready to begin a new adventure.

Again thank you all for your emails, suggestions, and encouragement, it will be our delight to see these lectures re-incarnated in a new form.

Blessings to you all