Solar-Light Newsletter – The winds of March

March News Letter.

Hello everyone. The March Winds have arrived in the UK and Jersey with a vengeance. Everyone is stocking up on bread, milk and tinned food. The forecast is that a Blizzard of up to three/four days is on its way to us. If you are expecting the same keep safe and war .At least you will have some time to spare to watch these recordings.

This month I am concentrating on the Four Elements and how they affect us physically, mentally, and magically. We respond to them in  different ways according to our nature, and the planets in our natal sign. As an Air sign ( Gemini)  with a water sign (Scorpio) rising, I don’t mind wet and windy, but more than that and I’m  miserable.  Magically I’m happiest in East or West but don’t put me in the South. I have been known to set altar cloths on fire!!

In April I will be in the USA and the recordings might, just might, be a week later than usual. Zeb and I will do our best to get them done before I leave Jersey on the 9/10th. I am due back on the 1st of May, so again May might be a little later than usual, please don’t worry, they WILL get to you in that month.

We are slowly building a good mailing ist..But I would like to reach as many people as possible, so please spread the word. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in April and will be in Boston ( just outside),  Baltimore, and Delaware . Unfortunately I wont be able to visit my “Wild Violets”  in Scranton until September but promise I will make it then with a new workshop for you.

Still looking for a really good video camera, might see one in the USA as in the summer there will be more opportunity to do some filming of Jersey’s Neolithic circles. Here is a photo of the inside of La Hougue Bie said to be one of the finest  sites in Western Europe.

Many blessings and happy viewing to you all.