Solar-Light News Letter – August

It has been a busy month  with not much time for writing or doing anything but running around collecting documents and delivering them to various offices. My lawyers have taken to offering me tea and biscuits when I arrive, I seem to be there  often. Why do Documents you have had in the same place for years suddenly and mysteriously move to a drawer you have not opened for years. 

I have been reading over my notes and old lectures on the place and power of sex in all types and levels of magic. This will be one of the videos coming your way in September, so I wanted to update what I already had, and as usual, ask myself if I still held the same views, or if the years between had added to what was already known and used.

It has always been a controversial subject, some seeing it as “ not a nice thing to talk about” others using it as an excuse for ‘a free for all’ and those who know where, when, and how to use it… and not always in the Romance novels way. In fact magical sex is a serious power and one not to be used lightly or as  an indulgence. Sex,,like everything else in magic has four very distinct levels. 

It is going to take a lot of thinking about if it is to be written with honesty, plain words, and good taste. ( no pun intended) I have somewhat of a reputation for plain speaking and a sense of humour.. expect both next month.

We are well into the second half of our first year of trading, and both Zeb and I are pleased with what we have achieved. Considering neither of us have much experience with running this kind of  thing we are eager to learn more and offer more to our subscribers. We could wish for more of them it is true. When we first mooted the Club we had close to 400 people  thinking it was a good idea and ready to join. But , as always economy plays a big part in such things and times are difficult. 

But nevertheless we try to offer the best we can and at least we will have achieved what Ernest Butler and Dion Fortune could not… we will leave behind  voices and images, as well as knowledge. 

All though I had to cancel my usual autumn tour I still intend to get back to the USA in the spring of 2019 . With luck ,by then things will have quietened down on the legal front and  I hope to have new workshops to offer. I want to return to New Hampshire, and Scranton, and  get back to my much loved “Boys” in Delaware… including the new inmate( Hi Andy… how are things going?) Mexico is also high on the list even if I have to climb over Mr Trumps Wall!!!

In the mean time Zeb and I will keep the Videos coming, and adding new ideas, I’ll be working on your free Christmas video as well. We both send our love to you all and leave you with this thought…..

.  Good judgment comes from experience,

and most of experience comes from bad judgment.


Dolores and Zeb.

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