Solar-Light News Letter 31/10/2017 – Happy Hallows Eve!

Solar-Light News Letter 31/10/2017 – Happy Hallows Eve!

Another landmark is reached today. I sent off the papers for the registration of Solar-Light and its Logo. The subscribers are coming in thick and fast and next month Zeb and I hope to put out a trial run.

We are still looking for a good Spanish translator App . We had a wonderful offer of help from Claus Muller in India to help with translating the German side of things. The main problem is finding the right words to describe the spirtual terms, but we will find a way.

I now have a very helpful and knowledgeable business advisor here in Jersey who expains everything in clear terms…. I’m not business minded and need it all spelt out . Zeb has been working flat out on his day job and Solar Light so next month he is taking a few days off to recuperate. The subcription list is growing fast and Solar Light information is being taken up by other websites which is very encouraging.

We would both like to say how much your letters of encouragment mean to us. With the economy as it is around the world,  getting workshops off the ground is becoming harder. Workspace is hard to find in England and the USA. But being able reach out to students and friends via lectures online will be the next best thing. In fact it has been suggested that a whole workshop might be done in the future by presenting it in parts.  I have heard from many people who live in more isolated areas who are looking forward to being part of an online Fellowhip, which is how one person described it , so the prospects are endless.  Already people are asking if Pathworkings can be offered online as well. We have had many European students also coming online , so a big welcome to you all, I’m looking forward to sharing my work with you.

You may like to go online to  I did an hour long  talk with Rudolph in Germany and it is online now. Have a good Halloween Holiday.

Dolores and Zeb