Solar-Light – May – Newsletter 2

May is almost at an end and June waits impatiently in the wings and, with it, my 89th birthday. The second session of Solar-Light is poised and ready to make an entrance. 

It has been a very successful first session and we hope the second will be even better. To celebrate, I will be offering an extra video in June as a free gift, so you will have three instead of two. It is sent with love and appreciation for your continuing support. FREE VIDEO. The Power of the Black Madonna

Also, I will soon be stepping down from the Directorship of the SOL and Dr  Steven Critchley will be taking over. I took over from Revd Ernest Butler in 1975 and it is time for new blood, new ideas, and new hands on the wheel. I will still be a part of the SOL as an Elder and, if needed, an advisor, though I don’t think I will be needed very often. I will still give workshops and lectures so I won’t disappear completely.

Solar-Light  and writing will be my main work from now on and I hope to see more subscribers joining us. Zeb and I have big plans for the coming months and will be looking for ideas from you, the subscribers, as to what you would like to see and hear. 

My personal life has taken a new direction this year and I will have more time to write and record than ever before. I hope to have a new book out before Christmas and another by next Easter.

In September, I plan to visit Seattle and Mexico and hope to meet some of you then. If you are in the UK, I will be presenting two one-day workshops in London on the 15th/16th of June. For more information, please see the SOL website. In August, I will be in Scotland presenting The Hidden Masters Workshop. Remember the forum for comments on the Solar-Light website. We’d love to hear from you. 

Blessings, Dolores and Zeb.

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