Solar-Light July News Letter

Its been a very busy time here, both on the business side and the personal, so apologies for anything that is late or on a different subject to the one planned. It is sometimes  virtually impossible to keep to a rigid time-table. Also Zeb is going on holiday in July so I’ll be without his expertise for a while, but he has been working hard in a demanding new job and deserves a break. This means that the July videos may be a little later than usual, So please be patient. 

We are approaching the start of the second session of Solar-Light (July to December) and time to reflect on the year so far. It has been surprisingly good for something as new and innovative as S-L. Of course there are many videos on offer now and on many different subjects, but these lectures reach back over 40 years and constitute an archive of how much as changed  the publics perception of the occult and the Ancient Mysteries in particular.

Re-reading articles I wrote in the seventies has made me realise how much I too, have changed in the way I view and approach these subjects. Learning, understanding, and using knowledge  is something that changes from day by day, month by month, and year by year.I find myself  thinking…”… THAT’S what that really means…” and “ Oh…look… we can do it this way and the power is much stronger”…There’s nothing more satisfying than finding you can do, ex-plain, or understand something in a new and better way.You are never too old to learn how to make or do something you have been doing for years in a new and more powerful way.

I have been delving into filing cabinets that have not been opened for years and finding treasures I had forgotten I had. One being Meditations for Temple Novices written by Col Seymour, and Medical Knowledge in the Ancient World by A.Leix. Both well worth repeating. So I will mix my own early lectures with some of these newly discovered gems to give them a fresh audience. Often, by reading something written years ago, new insight gives it impetus and can be a valuable key to seeing something with a more detailed understanding of its power. 

Im working flat out to provide a CD series on The Lesser Known Egyptian Gods, and recording  a Two Set series of Dion Fortunes “Secrets of Dr Tavener”. Something you can listen to while driving or on a plane. I hope offer a Pre-Order of these pretty soon.

Meanwhile many thanks to all our subscribers, you have helped to make this first session very worthwhile. Zeb and I look forward to bringing you another 6 months of interesting videos, both old and new. Please introduce your friends to Solar-Light and help us to reach more people wanting to explore the Ancient Mysteries.