Ready – Steady – Go!

The audience is in their seats, the videos are warming up on the starting point and the starter is ready with his gun. In an amazingly short time we have come a long way from what seemed to be just a good idea, to a fully fledged business, and it is all due to YOU the “would be subscribers. “

Without your enthusiasm and encouragement it would not have gotten this far this quickly. When it was first suggested I wrote a piece on Facebook asking what you thought of the idea, and just 10 minutes later the first reply came through……” Count me in.” Then came the deluge and what seemed to be a good idea…. became a real possibility and you kept it going all through the time I was in the USA.

 The thing we heard most was..“it saves me a long and expensive journey”. “I can’t make the workshop now, but I can listen and watch”  “I used to come to your workshops, now I can listen at home and enjoy them.” Again and again you thanked Zeb and I for the opportunity the videos will offer. It also means the lectures and articles written decades ago will be given a new hearing and reach new ears. To think I nearly shredded them! I intend to mix them with some new ones here and there.

The first six month session will be trial and error as they will be filmed in my office. I am not a fan of the cool super professional look. I am aiming for the “cosy fireside talk with friends” idea. The Wookie will be in there,  and as usual I’ll have stories to tell. (I thought of having a Facelift so as not to frighten those of a nervous disposition) but decided to risk it, though it will take courage (and a shot of Amaretto) to face the camera.

Within 24 hours the subscription links will go live so please watch our for the next news letter and a FaceBook link. Happy Christmas & may 2018 be filled with love, joy and peace for us all. .

Dolores and Zeb