The Chant of the Elementals

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What does the term INDWELLER really mean.?

This term has been bandied about for years and has been described both as a Demonic take over and a Spiritual Guide. You can, if you believe them!!! and live in the US, actually buy one for a mere 2,500$. What would you like? A Faery, an Egyptian/Greek/Celtic/Hindu God-form?? Take your pick, but it will be self-delusion. As always when something new and different comes along, there will always be someone ready to make money from it.

During the last 20/25 years, interest in the occult had increased dramatically and there is now a plethora of schools, groups, covens, you name it, offering tuition. I have spent much of my 91 years involved with the occult, guided first by my parents and grandmother and then as a pupil of The Rev Ernest Butler.

I was not happy to find I was among the rare individuals born with the ability to house the mental presence of a discarnate being. But under the tutelage of Ernest Butler, (himself in the same situation) I learned to cope. It is time to dispelĀ all the rubbish about indwelling and explain it in detail.

In these two video sessions I hope to dispel the nonsense and explain what is simply a conversation between Consciousness A and /Consciousness B via a mental mobile. I may succeed, or not,it depends on YOU.