Newsletter 13/02

February Newsletter 2018

Despite a few hitches, a bit of a face to face with AOL/PayPal and the odd unforeseen “ how did that slip by us’ moment, Solar Light made its entry on time and took a bow on the Video scene. Any new business set up will have moments that alternate between excitement and panic and I suspect that there will be a few more before we settle into a routine. Zebastian and I have explored new ideas, some good and some needing a lot of thinking about before going ahead. But by and large it looks very promising, the the feed back has been this News Letter which will go out each month. Each one will have a few words to sat about the videos offered that month and include any comments from you.

One idea we are now considering for the Second Session from June to December is offering a Group membership for a limited number of people meeting to watch the videos together. We are still in the “ How will this work “ stage but it is looking possible. We have already received a request concerning this, and also some ideas for future titles.

The basic idea behind it all is that people living in more isolated areas and unable to get to workshops can still feel part of a world wide group with compatible interests. If all goes well we hope to expand it into a one day video workshop. This would come as a 4 video set and would include a path-working ( Guided meditation) in place of a ritual. ( In point of fact rituals done in this way are feasible and offer just as much in the way of experience as those done within a temple setting)

Zebastian and I are in the process of looking to the purchase of a good quality video camera and microphone not only to do workshops but also to present videos of the many neolithic circles and Menhirs that abound in the Channel islands. We would like to hear from anyone who thinks this is something they would enjoy / or be prepared to subscribe to.

This months videos are Spell Craft and What really is Magic.

Spell-craft is a craft in that it needs to be practised and refined. You need to have a command of words ancient and modern and a sense of humour helps!!! I have included examples and information on how to use ready made “lead ins” and endings. Also warnings where needed. Spell craft can be dangerous and it can also hit back if not used in the right way.

What Magic is in one of my favourite lectures as most people coming into this kind of work have expectations that revolve around Disney and the Blue /Fairy in Pinocchio. Think again. Magic is a serious undertaking and should be handled with respect. It is more of a vocation than something to practise without any idea of how deep and how awe-inspiring it can be.

I hope you will enjoy them. Next month is slightly different as both videos are linked  by their subject. The Four Elements. Earth and Water followed by Fire and Air.

Love and blessings to you all.

Dolores and friend.