March 2021


The Star Student

The late Warren Kenton/ also known SHIMON BEN HALEVI was a high ranking teacher of the KBL . A man who truly practised what he taught. His death a few years ago was a great loss to his students, and to those who counted him a friend. His books are sometimes difficult to read and assimilate but after several readings revel themselves to be among the finest of their kind.

This lecture was taken from one of his book and often given as a basis for those intending to erect a school of their on whether actually based on the KBL or on a different area of ceremonial magic. It concerns the phenomenon most groups/schools experience at some time in their growth and it is known as The Star Pupils…They can be the strong foundation of a new school…or..its eventual downfall.

Warren had experience of both type and… Typical of him, he always found a way to see the smallest scrap of Light in the worst, and a warning in the best. Few will face the daunting task of starting a new school…but the information on the inner workings of doing just that can be invaluable. I do not have the paper as a file, only as a print out so I apologise for reading it directly from the notes.

The Search for the Guru

The search for someone to answer questions, grant a favour or tell us what to do. Is something deep in the human psyche. We all long for answers, for help or a wish to be granted… but we want it NOW, and it seldom dawns on us that the answer lies deep in our own mind.

The kingdom lies within you, has been quoted time and again by the many teachers. Gods we have invented or listened to down the centuries. We have consulted oracles, spread tarot decks, studied the stars and prayed on bended knees… BUT we have stopped to ask.

What did I do to bring this about… and… can I deal with it myself?

Ernest always said when disaster strikes, its nearly always our own fault.. That means you also have the means to dealing with it. The world-wide search for the ultimate guru goes on…but… as it tells us in so many fairy tales and myths the answer or the means of dealing with the problem lies within lies within