The Horns of Elfdom

Fae, ne day you may her the Horns of Elfdom. If so it is an invitation to enter their world. However.. as always wth the Faery Folk there is a catch.. once in, there is no way back. I have often wondered …when you read in the press about the disappearance of people, especially young people and children. Often there is no trace of them . ever again. Might it not be that in some way at least a few of such cases might be due to hearing the Horns of Elfdom. A fanciful thought maybe…. And yet……? There are still tales of the Fae even in our technological world….and  there are some places in the Isles of the Blessed… where those Horns may be heard…!

The Magical Power of Words and Voice

Words have the ability to inform and empower. I was taught speaking clearly and correctly from childhood .  In RADA I was taught to “colour” the voice to add value to the spoken word. The voice can wield great influence when speaking publicly. It is even more important when used ritually. (my personal hate is the us (by English people ) of the letter F instead of TH.. Example: the tongue twister of Forty thousand feathers on a thrushes throat becomes   Forey fowsand feavers on a frushes froat. Or I fink..instead of I Think! Fucher instead of Future missing out the T. Chewsday instead of Tuesday, Words have power, use them well.

The Magic Of Roads

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