July News Letter

Zeb will soon be back from a well deserved break in France. Then we will be recording the second of this month’s videos on The Solitary Mage. 

August will offer two different ways to undertake a pilgrimage without having to pay for an air ticket.  This will be followed by an in-depth look at the Vision of Ezekiel and the substance of the Four Holy Creatures.

September will offer videos you won’t want to miss. The Serpent Fire, a poetic name for Sex, is the first topic. Its place, use, and power in the Art of Magic is often misunderstood. It can, for instance, be seen as an Art Form in the practise of Shibari and its deeper levels, meanings and teachings are often hidden in ancient myth (often ‘prettied’ up  for public reading!). The second video will go into detail concerning the controversial topic of mediums, mediators and Indwellings.

The video on the Hindu version of the Tree has been delayed for a while as it relies on a specially commissioned illustration which will be also offered as a poster.  

One of the really interesting results of these videos is re-reading the original papers and being able to take my own understanding of them further and deeper. It is an undisputed fact that no matter how deeply you go into a subject, there is always more to know as your ability to understand grows in proportion to your experience. It gives new meaning to the old saying ’I desire to Know in order to Serve’.

In that one sentence, we can realise the power of the Supernals…

‘Kether DESIRES, Chokmah KNOWS, Binah SERVES’ can be expanded into Kether searches for manifestation, Chokmah learns to experience, Binah encloses and understands. The Triangle of NEED, ENERGY, and CONTAINMENT bring about all that we see around us or that we plan to bring into being, whether it be a book, a child, a new method of communication or a spaceship to Mars. 

We enact the Supernals everyday of our lives. We WANT, we MAKE, we HAVE. This ranges from a new scientific discovery to the totally mundane of ‘I WANT a cup of coffee, I am now going to MAKE a cup of coffee, and, in five minutes, I will HAVE a cup of coffee’. Now THAT is magic on a small scale.  You  practise small-scale magic every day; all you have to is learn to want on a bigger scale and


Thought for today: 

How do you know how high you can go if you don’t spread your wings?



One Reply to “July News Letter

  1. We never know how high we are
    Till we are called to rise;
    And then, if we are true to plan,
    Our statures touch the skies.

    The Heroism we recite
    Would be a daily thing,
    Did not ourselves the Cubits warp
    For fear to be a King.

    — Emily Dickinson

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