January News Letter


This morning I decided to turn out a box of old SOL papers  on a top shelf. I couldn’t reach it  and I’m not good on ladders, so it was collecting dust. A friend got it down for me and I found it full of programs for workshops I did in the nineties. Among them was the layout for a set of Pathworkings based on the Major Arcana of the SOL Tarot Deck. 

It occurred to me this could be made into a set of CD’s. All but four of the journeys are already written but completing them would not take long. I don’t think doing them as videos would work, all you would get is talking face!!! but as CD’s or as a Book they might be useful.. Zeb and I would like to expand Solar-Light into other areas of communication, so please let  us have your ideas on this.. 

Now I have passed the SOL school to Steven I have more time to write and am finishing off books already half written that have been hanging around for ages. The advantage of living on your own is you are no longer bound to a time table. With no one to insist on set times for meals, I can just have coffee and a sandwich at my desk. It is very liberating.

Solar Light is growing slowly but surely and we are always be interested to know what you think about certain videos. This helps us plan ahead for future sessions. With my home life now on an even keel it is easier to update older lectures, think about new updates, and new ways to present them.. 

I am always conscious of how lucky we are to have the means to record things like this,  and to regret that we have no such record of Dion Fortune, Christine Hartley, Kim Seymour, and Margaret Lumley Brown. What a treat that would have been. 

With the end of family troubles in sight, and the SOL School now in safe hands, I can look ahead to the exciting possibility of new horizons. Many years ago I set up a separate course called The Tables of Seven. Ernest Butler was enthusiastic about it, but it was ahead of its time and foundered. Now a couple of one time members have queried the possibility of re-starting it as a video course. This is a VERY exciting idea, and the time seems to be right.

Based in the ancient Alexandrian Library as the teaching area, with its teachers as the guides, it combines teaching and pathworking in a unique combination.Each Table had seven members, many of whom were in different countries. This united the Racial Angels as well as the human students. The time lapse since then means the Internet, Videos, and You Tube are now available as  Worldwide Teaching aids  It seems the Inner Levels still have work for me to do. 

Besides writing, the new ideas seem to include the  further expansion of Solar Light, so the idea of retirement has been put on hold.!!When I took over the SOL in  the 1970’s, we were still posting lessons worldwide. When computers  and the internet became available we thought things could not get better….no more buying £1,000 worth of stamps at one go for a start.  Now Instead of shelves of books we have Kindle, tho’ I must confess I still prefer to HOLD a book. But soon students will tune in to Skype or whatever and interact with their lesson material and their supervisor face to face Ernest would have loved that.

Having been used to sitting in front of an audience and lecturing for close to 50 years, it is a delight to find myself doing the same thing in front of a video camera, and without the cost and hassle of travelling long distances. Although I will certainly miss the physical closeness and interacting, and the Hugs.  But when you come to think of it, this is a modern version of….


Please let us know what you think about the ideas I have put forward. Solar Light was created for YOU, offering something you could return to time and again. We want to increase that offer and reach out further. 

Happy Viewing

Zeb and  Dolores