January 2020


Trance – W.E Butler

Revd Walter Ernest Butler. Founder of SOL School of ‘Occult Science.

His book The Training and Work of a Magician. was one of the first actual training  Occult Manuals


A remarkable Trance Medium  he lectured, wrote  and taught  for over 50 years. His psychic talents were recognized by his friend and teacher Rev Robert King, who, himself, was an Adept. During his personal work Ernest came into contact with a “Presence” that referred to Itself as The Opener of the Ways.. It was through this Presence that Ernest brought through his remarkable teachings. He collaborated with Gareth Knight and the Helios Press to begin a teaching Course, ( The first 6 lessons of which were written by Gareth Knight ), and this continued successfully for several years. Then Gareth reluctantly left Helios to take up a position with a publishing company, & Ernest took over and completed the course of 50 lessons. By this time the course  had made contacts worldwide and it was becoming impossible for The Helios Company to run both a publishing house and the course with its limited personal.

By then my Husband and I had completed the  Fraternity of the Inner Light course and taken invitation., But had also taken the SOL course under Ernests  personal supervision and become supervisors for Helios.. In 1971 Ernest called a meeting with Elizabeth Anderson, Thomas Oloman, Mariton Geike and Michal and myself with the intent  to take over the Helios ‘course( buying the copyright back (in a legal and professional manner) and together we set up an entirely new school using the course that Ernest had completed. So…. The Servants of the Light  came into Being and continues to this day. But  It will always be seen as the brain child of a remarkable man gifted with spiritual and psychic talents and the ability to pass them on to others. The Revd Walter Ernest Butler.

A West Highland Bard and Seeress

The Highlands of Scotland are full of folktales about the Bards (with psychic senses) and their “fore-telling” of the future. Butsuch tales are of great Importance in keeping alive the Old Ways. In many countries it is The Bards, Troubadours, Skalds, and Travelling story Tellers that have kept the old ways from disappearing for ever.

This video retells the story of a piece of music. Music has always held a power and the MacCrimmons the Family were hereditary Pipers to the Mcleods of Dunvegan in Skye. .Each important occasion was cause for a new piece  to be written. This Lament was written as a means of expressing sorrow at what would be the death of those heading out to Batle. The Chief had been placed oil a situation where he had to fight FOR someone ( a none Sci, a Foreigner) and AGAINST one of his own blood, lineage and, country.

The Lament was true to its name.. a song of sorrow, a feeling of betrayal, against all that was held dear. The Piper felt all this and expressed it in the music. That lament is both a  musical spell to Herald approaching death, and  praise for those who did what had to be done… tho’ it went against heart, soul, and blood.

Mac;leod shall return but the Macrimmon, never. The piper determined that never again would this time be forgotten, it was played again and again through the battle and fully wounded Macrimmon broke his pipers so it would never again sing out the lament.

 If anyone would like to  have the whole story to read and keep I will email it to them( no charge). I found it in an Occult Review dated March 1921. just sent med  your email  and I’ll pass it on.