December 2020


Combining the Power of the Spheres

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The Turquoise Bride

This is a 2 video set written for those who for one reason or another, have work alone or, who have chosen to do so,

this is never easy and requires a self discipline that is hard to maintain. It is basic, but, if kept the instructions can at least put you on the right road towards becoming a solo Practitioner. This is Video One. Video two with follow. Even if you do not intend to become a solo magician, it will at least give you an idea of what the work entails. I t is not something to taken as either a “hobby” or as a joke.

These videos were taken from what was one intended to be a full course. but  they can be supplemented bye some excellent books that are on the market going solos never easy especially in this subject, but they can a least give you an idea of what kind of work and self discipline would be needed. At best it will give you practical worse it will make you take up something different..!