Coming in 2019

Coming in 2019!


Atlantis: In Magic, Mystery, and Myth.

Atlantis has held the imagination of  humanity for over a thousand years. Since Aristotle spoke of its destruction it has been searched for and written about, but no trace was ever found. It was seen as a centre of knowledge, wealth, Art,  and magical power. Supposed to have been destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake . Yet the legend persists. It was said to have been where the Sons of God and the Daughters of men came together. In this video I propose a different  plan of the way it was seen, why it was lost and offer an explanation of why South America and West Africa share many symbols and god forms. The Atlanteans may have been the original Shemsu Hor, the Followers of Horus that began the glory that was Ancient Egypt.

The Body as a Temple

Most Places of worship show signs of being based on the human form. This video explains step by step and how this is shown in the ancient Temples of Egypt offers a detailed graphic that can be enlarged for easy viewing, or can be bought as a poster from Solar-Light for 20$ post free. (Available when published)


Pluto, Lord of Hades The Hidden Olympian

Not the demonised rapist of Persephone, but her protector, energiser and lover. Of all the Olympian Gods, he is perhaps the least understood and yet the most interesting, as are most Underworld Deities.

 The Dark Aspect of the Goddess

 Dark is not always evil, the Church has brain washed us into thinking that. We need darkness in order to appreciate and understand the Light. We hear much of the Underworld Gods, but they have their female counterparts who also need to be considered and defined. Nothing exists without an opposite, this is a  universal Law, therefore we need to explore and understand the power of Lilith as well as that  of Eve


The Magical Image of the FOOL.

 Fools, Jesters, Clowns, and Harlequins have always been held in high regard at courts…. but have often paid a terrible price for that position. Behind the smile and the jokes lies unimaginable pain. In many ways Jesters are sacrificed Gods in miniature. They are a part of the plan for humanity in many ways, they open doors, but can never cross over themselves. They are part myth, part sacrifice and part gatekeeper.

Pan, The Goat Foot God.

 Often seen as the Devil, which he is not, part man, part beast… as humanity was in the beginning and of which he does not like to be reminded. The Guardian of the Wld Ones, condemned to his beast nature by his oversized manhood, and raised to the heights by his human head, his horns proclaim his fertility, his hooves his link to earth. The First and, in the End, the greatest of the Gods.


The ancient Art of the GUTH

Storyteller and Keeper of Secrets.

In Proto-Celtic tradition the Guth is the Keeper of a tribes  sacred ways, tales, traditions, and rituals. ITs meaning is “Voice”. Story Teller and bard, Often the keeper of its sacred tools and treasures as well. Especially the crown which was in his keeping. They were also the genealogists of their Royal Bloodlines. knowledge was passed from Father to Son in an unbroken line. A tribal librarian had  a prodigious memory and could remember the needful rituals and rites that kept the tribe together. Without them we would have lost much more than we did.

The Threefold Paths of Wisdom

The Mystic, the Magician, the Priest.These are the 3 ways  to enlightenment. Together they are , like so many symbols… a Trinity of Power. They hold the Staff, the Cup, and the Flame…Earth, Water, Fire, Air stands apart for it is VOICE….TEACHING.


The Inner Eye

Seeing the unseeable, Psychism is not just being able to read Tea leaves. There are levels and dimensions to discover and be familiar with. It involves all 6 senses.

The Assumption of God-Forms.

Learning to house and use  inter dimensional powers without getting stuck in them, or getting ruled by them can be tricky. Learn to  do this safely.


The Seven Neters of the Mind.

Each part of the mind is symbolised by a god form and can be empowered by them. Used with skill they can change your life. Includes The Star Chamber of Isis Ritual.

The Power of Mudra. 

The symbolic gestures and position of the hand is present in every tradition, but often passed over because of the lack of information in Western magic. The power of the human hand has never been fully understood by Westerners who simply know and use the Cross, and the blessing gestures. What the hand ‘says’ and what it ’holds’ is explained in this video.

Extra Free Video. The Hidden teaching in Occult Fiction.



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