January News Letter


This morning I decided to turn out a box of old SOL papers  on a top shelf. I couldn’t reach it  and I’m not good on ladders, so it was collecting dust. A friend got it down for me and I found it full of programs for workshops I did in the nineties. Among them was the layout for a set of Pathworkings based on the Major Arcana of the SOL Tarot Deck. 

It occurred to me this could be made into a set of CD’s. All but four of the journeys are already written but completing them would not take long. I don’t think doing them as videos would work, all you would get is talking face!!! but as CD’s or as a Book they might be useful.. Zeb and I would like to expand Solar-Light into other areas of communication, so please let  us have your ideas on this.. 

Now I have passed the SOL school to Steven I have more time to write and am finishing off books already half written that have been hanging around for ages. The advantage of living on your own is you are no longer bound to a time table. With no one to insist on set times for meals, I can just have coffee and a sandwich at my desk. It is very liberating.

Solar Light is growing slowly but surely and we are always be interested to know what you think about certain videos. This helps us plan ahead for future sessions. With my home life now on an even keel it is easier to update older lectures, think about new updates, and new ways to present them.. 

I am always conscious of how lucky we are to have the means to record things like this,  and to regret that we have no such record of Dion Fortune, Christine Hartley, Kim Seymour, and Margaret Lumley Brown. What a treat that would have been. 

With the end of family troubles in sight, and the SOL School now in safe hands, I can look ahead to the exciting possibility of new horizons. Many years ago I set up a separate course called The Tables of Seven. Ernest Butler was enthusiastic about it, but it was ahead of its time and foundered. Now a couple of one time members have queried the possibility of re-starting it as a video course. This is a VERY exciting idea, and the time seems to be right.

Based in the ancient Alexandrian Library as the teaching area, with its teachers as the guides, it combines teaching and pathworking in a unique combination.Each Table had seven members, many of whom were in different countries. This united the Racial Angels as well as the human students. The time lapse since then means the Internet, Videos, and You Tube are now available as  Worldwide Teaching aids  It seems the Inner Levels still have work for me to do. 

Besides writing, the new ideas seem to include the  further expansion of Solar Light, so the idea of retirement has been put on hold.!!When I took over the SOL in  the 1970’s, we were still posting lessons worldwide. When computers  and the internet became available we thought things could not get better….no more buying £1,000 worth of stamps at one go for a start.  Now Instead of shelves of books we have Kindle, tho’ I must confess I still prefer to HOLD a book. But soon students will tune in to Skype or whatever and interact with their lesson material and their supervisor face to face Ernest would have loved that.

Having been used to sitting in front of an audience and lecturing for close to 50 years, it is a delight to find myself doing the same thing in front of a video camera, and without the cost and hassle of travelling long distances. Although I will certainly miss the physical closeness and interacting, and the Hugs.  But when you come to think of it, this is a modern version of….


Please let us know what you think about the ideas I have put forward. Solar Light was created for YOU, offering something you could return to time and again. We want to increase that offer and reach out further. 

Happy Viewing

Zeb and  Dolores

Coming in 2019

Coming in 2019!


Atlantis: In Magic, Mystery, and Myth.

Atlantis has held the imagination of  humanity for over a thousand years. Since Aristotle spoke of its destruction it has been searched for and written about, but no trace was ever found. It was seen as a centre of knowledge, wealth, Art,  and magical power. Supposed to have been destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake . Yet the legend persists. It was said to have been where the Sons of God and the Daughters of men came together. In this video I propose a different  plan of the way it was seen, why it was lost and offer an explanation of why South America and West Africa share many symbols and god forms. The Atlanteans may have been the original Shemsu Hor, the Followers of Horus that began the glory that was Ancient Egypt.

The Body as a Temple

Most Places of worship show signs of being based on the human form. This video explains step by step and how this is shown in the ancient Temples of Egypt offers a detailed graphic that can be enlarged for easy viewing, or can be bought as a poster from Solar-Light for 20$ post free. (Available when published)


Pluto, Lord of Hades The Hidden Olympian

Not the demonised rapist of Persephone, but her protector, energiser and lover. Of all the Olympian Gods, he is perhaps the least understood and yet the most interesting, as are most Underworld Deities.

 The Dark Aspect of the Goddess

 Dark is not always evil, the Church has brain washed us into thinking that. We need darkness in order to appreciate and understand the Light. We hear much of the Underworld Gods, but they have their female counterparts who also need to be considered and defined. Nothing exists without an opposite, this is a  universal Law, therefore we need to explore and understand the power of Lilith as well as that  of Eve


The Magical Image of the FOOL.

 Fools, Jesters, Clowns, and Harlequins have always been held in high regard at courts…. but have often paid a terrible price for that position. Behind the smile and the jokes lies unimaginable pain. In many ways Jesters are sacrificed Gods in miniature. They are a part of the plan for humanity in many ways, they open doors, but can never cross over themselves. They are part myth, part sacrifice and part gatekeeper.

Pan, The Goat Foot God.

 Often seen as the Devil, which he is not, part man, part beast… as humanity was in the beginning and of which he does not like to be reminded. The Guardian of the Wld Ones, condemned to his beast nature by his oversized manhood, and raised to the heights by his human head, his horns proclaim his fertility, his hooves his link to earth. The First and, in the End, the greatest of the Gods.


The ancient Art of the GUTH

Storyteller and Keeper of Secrets.

In Proto-Celtic tradition the Guth is the Keeper of a tribes  sacred ways, tales, traditions, and rituals. ITs meaning is “Voice”. Story Teller and bard, Often the keeper of its sacred tools and treasures as well. Especially the crown which was in his keeping. They were also the genealogists of their Royal Bloodlines. knowledge was passed from Father to Son in an unbroken line. A tribal librarian had  a prodigious memory and could remember the needful rituals and rites that kept the tribe together. Without them we would have lost much more than we did.

The Threefold Paths of Wisdom

The Mystic, the Magician, the Priest.These are the 3 ways  to enlightenment. Together they are , like so many symbols… a Trinity of Power. They hold the Staff, the Cup, and the Flame…Earth, Water, Fire, Air stands apart for it is VOICE….TEACHING.


The Inner Eye

Seeing the unseeable, Psychism is not just being able to read Tea leaves. There are levels and dimensions to discover and be familiar with. It involves all 6 senses.

The Assumption of God-Forms.

Learning to house and use  inter dimensional powers without getting stuck in them, or getting ruled by them can be tricky. Learn to  do this safely.


The Seven Neters of the Mind.

Each part of the mind is symbolised by a god form and can be empowered by them. Used with skill they can change your life. Includes The Star Chamber of Isis Ritual.

The Power of Mudra. 

The symbolic gestures and position of the hand is present in every tradition, but often passed over because of the lack of information in Western magic. The power of the human hand has never been fully understood by Westerners who simply know and use the Cross, and the blessing gestures. What the hand ‘says’ and what it ’holds’ is explained in this video.

Extra Free Video. The Hidden teaching in Occult Fiction.



Offers two videos per month from the personal files of 

                      Dolores  Ashcroft-Nowicki

      For over 40 years the Director of Studies for 


This is a chance to experience ancient knowledge from one of its best known teachers. Born into a psychically gifted family Dolores was brought up  in an atmosphere steeped in the Old Ways.  With  over twenty books to her credit and a following  worldwide she is known for her relaxed way of teaching and her ability to create a powerful Group Mind in her workshops.

Now in her 90th year she is using modern techniques to continue her work as a teacher via Video recordings, some of which come from her 

personal files over the last 50 years.. For more information go to www.SOLAR-LIGHT.one

The Planetary Lords Trilogy

The Planetary Lords Trilogy final video has now been uploaded and is ready to be viewed. We really hope you enjoyed watching these videos as much as we have creating them

For out current members please follow the link below to see the trilogy in the December Sessions..

For those of you that are still to join our little community please follow the link below. Please read the How-To page to understand the various payment options we offer.

Any questions or queries please send us an email from the Menu above.

All the best, The Solar-Light Team.

Solar-Light News Letter – August

It has been a busy month  with not much time for writing or doing anything but running around collecting documents and delivering them to various offices. My lawyers have taken to offering me tea and biscuits when I arrive, I seem to be there  often. Why do Documents you have had in the same place for years suddenly and mysteriously move to a drawer you have not opened for years. 

I have been reading over my notes and old lectures on the place and power of sex in all types and levels of magic. This will be one of the videos coming your way in September, so I wanted to update what I already had, and as usual, ask myself if I still held the same views, or if the years between had added to what was already known and used.

It has always been a controversial subject, some seeing it as “ not a nice thing to talk about” others using it as an excuse for ‘a free for all’ and those who know where, when, and how to use it… and not always in the Romance novels way. In fact magical sex is a serious power and one not to be used lightly or as  an indulgence. Sex,,like everything else in magic has four very distinct levels. 

It is going to take a lot of thinking about if it is to be written with honesty, plain words, and good taste. ( no pun intended) I have somewhat of a reputation for plain speaking and a sense of humour.. expect both next month.

We are well into the second half of our first year of trading, and both Zeb and I are pleased with what we have achieved. Considering neither of us have much experience with running this kind of  thing we are eager to learn more and offer more to our subscribers. We could wish for more of them it is true. When we first mooted the Club we had close to 400 people  thinking it was a good idea and ready to join. But , as always economy plays a big part in such things and times are difficult. 

But nevertheless we try to offer the best we can and at least we will have achieved what Ernest Butler and Dion Fortune could not… we will leave behind  voices and images, as well as knowledge. 

All though I had to cancel my usual autumn tour I still intend to get back to the USA in the spring of 2019 . With luck ,by then things will have quietened down on the legal front and  I hope to have new workshops to offer. I want to return to New Hampshire, and Scranton, and  get back to my much loved “Boys” in Delaware… including the new inmate( Hi Andy… how are things going?) Mexico is also high on the list even if I have to climb over Mr Trumps Wall!!!

In the mean time Zeb and I will keep the Videos coming, and adding new ideas, I’ll be working on your free Christmas video as well. We both send our love to you all and leave you with this thought…..

.  Good judgment comes from experience,

and most of experience comes from bad judgment.


Dolores and Zeb.

July News Letter

Zeb will soon be back from a well deserved break in France. Then we will be recording the second of this month’s videos on The Solitary Mage. 

August will offer two different ways to undertake a pilgrimage without having to pay for an air ticket.  This will be followed by an in-depth look at the Vision of Ezekiel and the substance of the Four Holy Creatures.

September will offer videos you won’t want to miss. The Serpent Fire, a poetic name for Sex, is the first topic. Its place, use, and power in the Art of Magic is often misunderstood. It can, for instance, be seen as an Art Form in the practise of Shibari and its deeper levels, meanings and teachings are often hidden in ancient myth (often ‘prettied’ up  for public reading!). The second video will go into detail concerning the controversial topic of mediums, mediators and Indwellings.

The video on the Hindu version of the Tree has been delayed for a while as it relies on a specially commissioned illustration which will be also offered as a poster.  

One of the really interesting results of these videos is re-reading the original papers and being able to take my own understanding of them further and deeper. It is an undisputed fact that no matter how deeply you go into a subject, there is always more to know as your ability to understand grows in proportion to your experience. It gives new meaning to the old saying ’I desire to Know in order to Serve’.

In that one sentence, we can realise the power of the Supernals…

‘Kether DESIRES, Chokmah KNOWS, Binah SERVES’ can be expanded into Kether searches for manifestation, Chokmah learns to experience, Binah encloses and understands. The Triangle of NEED, ENERGY, and CONTAINMENT bring about all that we see around us or that we plan to bring into being, whether it be a book, a child, a new method of communication or a spaceship to Mars. 

We enact the Supernals everyday of our lives. We WANT, we MAKE, we HAVE. This ranges from a new scientific discovery to the totally mundane of ‘I WANT a cup of coffee, I am now going to MAKE a cup of coffee, and, in five minutes, I will HAVE a cup of coffee’. Now THAT is magic on a small scale.  You  practise small-scale magic every day; all you have to is learn to want on a bigger scale and


Thought for today: 

How do you know how high you can go if you don’t spread your wings?



The Black Madonna video is now available!!

Hello all!

Just a very quick News Letter to say that The Black Madonna video is ready on Solar-Light.one. (Please look under the month June). Our apologies for the slight delay in getting this video to you.

Really hope you enjoy it and please check back in on Friday when the next video for July will be available.

The next video is titled:

The Five Sanctuaries of the Mystic Path..

“Mysticim may not be your preferred Pathway, but it can teach you to make contact with your higher and deeper selves.”


All the best from Dolores and Zebastian.

Solar-Light July News Letter

Its been a very busy time here, both on the business side and the personal, so apologies for anything that is late or on a different subject to the one planned. It is sometimes  virtually impossible to keep to a rigid time-table. Also Zeb is going on holiday in July so I’ll be without his expertise for a while, but he has been working hard in a demanding new job and deserves a break. This means that the July videos may be a little later than usual, So please be patient. 

We are approaching the start of the second session of Solar-Light (July to December) and time to reflect on the year so far. It has been surprisingly good for something as new and innovative as S-L. Of course there are many videos on offer now and on many different subjects, but these lectures reach back over 40 years and constitute an archive of how much as changed  the publics perception of the occult and the Ancient Mysteries in particular.

Re-reading articles I wrote in the seventies has made me realise how much I too, have changed in the way I view and approach these subjects. Learning, understanding, and using knowledge  is something that changes from day by day, month by month, and year by year.I find myself  thinking…”… THAT’S what that really means…” and “ Oh…look… we can do it this way and the power is much stronger”…There’s nothing more satisfying than finding you can do, ex-plain, or understand something in a new and better way.You are never too old to learn how to make or do something you have been doing for years in a new and more powerful way.

I have been delving into filing cabinets that have not been opened for years and finding treasures I had forgotten I had. One being Meditations for Temple Novices written by Col Seymour, and Medical Knowledge in the Ancient World by A.Leix. Both well worth repeating. So I will mix my own early lectures with some of these newly discovered gems to give them a fresh audience. Often, by reading something written years ago, new insight gives it impetus and can be a valuable key to seeing something with a more detailed understanding of its power. 

Im working flat out to provide a CD series on The Lesser Known Egyptian Gods, and recording  a Two Set series of Dion Fortunes “Secrets of Dr Tavener”. Something you can listen to while driving or on a plane. I hope offer a Pre-Order of these pretty soon.

Meanwhile many thanks to all our subscribers, you have helped to make this first session very worthwhile. Zeb and I look forward to bringing you another 6 months of interesting videos, both old and new. Please introduce your friends to Solar-Light and help us to reach more people wanting to explore the Ancient Mysteries.

Solar-Light – May – Newsletter 2

May is almost at an end and June waits impatiently in the wings and, with it, my 89th birthday. The second session of Solar-Light is poised and ready to make an entrance. 

It has been a very successful first session and we hope the second will be even better. To celebrate, I will be offering an extra video in June as a free gift, so you will have three instead of two. It is sent with love and appreciation for your continuing support. FREE VIDEO. The Power of the Black Madonna

Also, I will soon be stepping down from the Directorship of the SOL and Dr  Steven Critchley will be taking over. I took over from Revd Ernest Butler in 1975 and it is time for new blood, new ideas, and new hands on the wheel. I will still be a part of the SOL as an Elder and, if needed, an advisor, though I don’t think I will be needed very often. I will still give workshops and lectures so I won’t disappear completely.

Solar-Light  and writing will be my main work from now on and I hope to see more subscribers joining us. Zeb and I have big plans for the coming months and will be looking for ideas from you, the subscribers, as to what you would like to see and hear. 

My personal life has taken a new direction this year and I will have more time to write and record than ever before. I hope to have a new book out before Christmas and another by next Easter.

In September, I plan to visit Seattle and Mexico and hope to meet some of you then. If you are in the UK, I will be presenting two one-day workshops in London on the 15th/16th of June. For more information, please see the SOL website. In August, I will be in Scotland presenting The Hidden Masters Workshop. Remember the forum for comments on the Solar-Light website. We’d love to hear from you. 

Blessings, Dolores and Zeb.

Solar-Light News Letter May



I am happy to tell you our company of “Lights” is growing and Zeb and I extend a warm welcome to those now joining us and hope you will enjoy the monthly videos.

I offer an apology for the late arrival of the May videos. I hope Beltaine was a joyous  meeting for all of you. I arrived home on May Day and, still jet–lagged, walked into a family situation that required all my attention. However, we hope to have the videos up and running within the next ten days; sooner if we can do it. 

As always, being in the U.S. was a joy, full of laughter, questions and answers, new people to meet and new friends to make. Many of you made long journeys to get to the workshops and, for this compliment, I thank you with all my heart. I am hoping to make it back in September to Seattle, Dallas (a private visit),  and Mexico.

You will no doubt have heard by now that, in June, I will step down from the Directorship of the SOL and hand over the baton to Dr Steven  Crtichley. I will still be a part of the school thought and I will be around to give workshops and lectures, to write books and, of course, to give more attention to Solar-Light.

I was asked if the lectures were available on CD as some people listen to audio books while driving or on long flights and I thought having CDs of the lectures, as well as videos, would be a good idea. If this would be helpful, I am more than willing to record them. So please let us know.

The June videos will bring to a close the first session of Solar-Light and the second session begins in July, so I will be looking ahead to the third session, January/June 2019. I have already been asked for a video on Atlantis and one on The Four Holy Creatures as well as those I already have, but looking through the bulging files, I have also found papers on Gypsy Traditions, Fairy Lore, Early Egyptian Teachings, Sacred Circles in Britain and Europe, the Serpent Fire, Working with Crystals, the Magic of Trees and the Power of the Trickster…among many others.

I  need to know what would appeal to you so I can dust them off ,add whatever I have learned since then and prepare them for filming.

These videos are for YOU and, as far as possible, we want to give you that which will be interesting, useful, practical in your Inner Work, and also add to your knowledge. For instance:

Would you like a whole session, 6 months/12 videos on, say, Egyptian Lore/magic/myth/methods of training? Would that be too much of one thing? Would you prefer the present idea of “Lucky Dip”? The choice is yours.

 A viable alternative would be to make such a set and offer it as a separate item. Along with this idea, would be the first of the “outside” videos on Jersey’s Neolithic circles. We hope to begin these in 2019.

The whole idea of Solar-Light is to make available not just video lectures, but to show those of you who are , for any reason, unable to travel, some of the magical sites I have known all my life, and perhaps even to extend these to Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Believe me, there is a place in Scotland called Kilmartin where there are so many dolmens, menhirs, barrow graves and ancient sites that it is hard to find an open space  without one! I can show you and tell you about all these things from your armchair.  Again, the choice is yours.

 Let me indulge my old theatrical training and end with part of the  speech of CHORUS from Henry V:

“For ’tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings,
Carry them here and there; jumping o’er times,
Turning the accomplishment of many years
Into an hour-glass: for the which supply,
Admit me Chorus to this history;
Who prologue-like your humble patience pray,
Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.”

Solar-Light News Letter – March – 15/03/2018

Hello to all of you, welcome to the European contingent who have joined us since the last newsletter, and thanks for your comments. This is a quickie to let you know of an alteration in the programme for April. The second video is down as being on Thought-Forms.  But, as I am doing a whole workshop on Thought-Forms in the USA during that month, and some of you might attend it in Delaware, I thought it would be better to change it for another subject and offer Thought-forms later in the year.

As it happens I had a request this morning to record a lecture I gave on Lucifer- Fallen Angel or the First Sacrifice. This is a subject close to my heart and one I feel about quite strongly. So be prepared for it to be perhaps a little over the hour. Another request has asked for a video on The Four Holy Creatures and one on  Atlantis.

Thank you for these suggestions, I will take all of them into consideration for the future and I appreciate the interest shown. I hope to meet some of you in the USA next month, I’ll be in the North East with Christopher Penczak as my host, then on to Baltimore, and ending up in Georgetown Delaware before heading for Home.

 Here is a picture of La Grandmere, a 4000 year old statue in the neighbour island of Guernsey.

La Gran’mère du Chimquière, the Grandmother of the Cemetery, is a Neolithic statue at the gate of St. Martins church.One of Guernsey’s most famous ancient monuments, La Gran’mère was highly respected by local worshippers in years gone by. You often see flowers at her feet or coins placed on her head because it is thought to bring good luck and fertility to newly-wed couples. Tales are told about La Gran’mère du Chimquière,  but no one knows what she is or where she came from, only that she is over 4,000 years old