About Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki:

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki was born in the Channel Island of Jersey, 14 miles off the coast of Normandy, and the original Jersey whence New Jersey gets its name.  Her family has a history of psychic talents and she is no exception. Her life has been one of many changes ranging from theatre to music then, inevitably, to the Occult. With her husband, Michael, she trained and was initiated into in The Fraternity of the Inner Light, the school founded by Dion Fortune, and there met Reverend W. Ernest Butler, one of the school’s most famous Initiates.

When Ernest left the Inner Light, Dolores and Michael went with him to become supervisors on The Helios Course, one of the first to offer a correspondence path on Occult Science. In 1972, following instructions from his Inner Plane contact, Ernest decided to start his own occult school and, with a small group of seven people including Olive Ashcroft (no relation to Dolores), Tom Oloman, Mariton Geikie, Dolores, and Michael, he founded the Servants of the Light (SOL). Under his guidance, it quickly gained a reputation for excellence and, today, it is acknowledged to be one of the best of its kind.

After a somewhat shattering experience, Dolores developed an unusual type of mediumistic ability and made direct contact with Ernest’s Inner Plane Teacher. Ernest had been told that someone would come to him with his (the Teacher’s) name and would offer to take on his work which is exactly what happened. He began to train and prepare Dolores for the work ahead.

In 1976, when Ernest retired, Dolores took over as SOL’s Director of Studies, a position she still holds at the age of 88.  Together with Michael, she has guided the SOL into the new century and has prepared for its future by training her eventual successor, Dr. Steven Critchley, PhD. Besides her spiritual training, Dolores’ ability to reach the hearts and minds of those she teaches flows into her lectures, workshops and books, and her fund of stories and earthy humour make her a welcome speaker as she travels the world.

Dolores has never set herself up as a “know-it-all” and always begins with the statement that what she teaches comes from her own experience and her personal beliefs, asserting that no teacher has the right to tell you what to believe in, only to SHARE what they know and have experienced so you can make up your own mind.

She regards all students, her own and from other groups, as “her Family”. In her own words, “I love people; I love sharing what I know with them; I like to make them laugh as I talk because then they remember what has been said. I enjoy travelling and linking with the Racial Angelic forces of each country I visit. But coming home to my beloved Island is always the best part. Retirement???  What’s that?”